Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hi....okay, no chocolate cake recipe to post. I can't find it. Just as well I suppose, since it didn't work for me. I can tell you it was the Devil's Food Cake recipe by Carole Walter. Well, the one I used was adapted by Sarah Phillips of Baking 911, but I didn't get permission to post that one and I'm not sure what the changes were.

I did find on RLB's site a post regarding a possible reason for the dryness of the cupcakes. Not sure if I buy it though. A fella named Aaron says he discovered that when you mix cocoa and hot water (as in this recipe that I can't find or post), and set it aside, you need to cover it to contain moisture. Otherwise you lose an ounce or two. RLB says she never would've thought of that, but then she always covers items that aren't being used right away. So there you go, mystery possible solved.

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