Sunday, May 25, 2008

No sweets for my sweet

It's Sunday. The day I designated as "post day". And I have no sweets to blog about. That would be because my kitchen is in full-on remodel mode. But that doesn't really give the full picture. A more accurate description would be full-on remodel-since-we -already-have-it-torn-apart-due-to-a-leak-in-the-bathroom-directly-above mode. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who can sympathize. It's not all bad though.

Ever the optimist, I'm looking for the silver lining. I mean, yes, our kitchen is a mess....making cooking cumbersome and not very appealing and baking even more unappealing. Especially since I don't know where anything is at this point....i wasn't here when the cabinets were unloaded and taken off the walls. (see, silver lining) And yes, this is happening at the exact same time our living room is in shambles because we are getting the ceiling replaced due to a crack. That crack has been there FOREVER, and recently the ceiling began to sag more and more making the crack bigger and bigger. As luck would have it (yes I said luck), the leak happened the same week we had scheduled to have the ceiling fixed. And the guy, Doug, who is fixing the crack and is apparently a jack-of-all-trades, was also able to fix our leak (silver lining) and re-drywall the kitchen soffit/ceiling after having to punch holes in it to locate the leak. All for a really great price. (silver lining) And yes, because of this, during parts of the day and evening, we are confined to a very small addition that was serving as our dining room. It has now become our ad-hoc living room as we've crammed our sofa and TV and various other pieces of furniture in there. But, (silver lining alert) since the kitchen was torn apart we decided to make some long-planned and long-awaited (on my part) flip the cabinets on one wall so we could move the refrigerator to another spot and actually open the door all the way. And we're adding a microwave/range hood combo and a dishwasher (!! yea, right?!) I've never had a dishwasher. Well I did in a couple of apartments, but since it was only me and I didn't grow up with one, I never used them.

But the ultimate silver lining....yes there's something better than new appliances believe it or least to me. Since we're confined to the one little room and our doggies are admittedly stressed over the changes and workers in and out and their schedule being disrupted...we've relaxed the rules a bit. They are now--just during the remodel--allowed on the sofa with us! And I'm not sure who's enjoying it more, the doggies or us. I think it's us. There are few things I like more than snuggling with my 70-pound puppy dog watching Grey's Anatomy.

So, my friends, hopefully by this time next week I will at least have my kitchen back, if not my living room as well. See you next week.

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