Sunday, June 1, 2008

So close....

Here it is.....another Sunday.....and I still have nothing to post. We are close though. (Yea!!) The dishwasher is in and so is the microwave. We've put most of the dishes, pots & pans back in the cabinets. One plus to all this -- since we put the dishwasher in we're down one cabinet, so we were forced to purge all the stuff we don't need/use/or have two of. What's so funny is we were always complaining about not having enough storage. Well, now that we've gotten rid of some items and bought a couple of cabinet organizers/shelves, we have plenty of room. Maybe not plenty, but enough. We also set up shelves in the basement and we're storing the rarely used items there (ie. stock pot, big caldero, indoor grill).

So here's hoping we are all set by next weekend and I'll get to make something really yummy next weekend!

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